The self-drilling plasterboard fixing for fast and easy installation

More components for even easier installation

Whether for smoke detectors, curtain rods or blinds – hooks and eyes of all kinds can be fixed reliably using the self-drilling plasterboard fixing DuoBlade. The self-drilling tip guarantees a clean and effective drilling process. In addition, the fischer DuoBlade has been designed for wood, sheet metal and chipboard screws from 4 to 5 mm thickness and does not require an additional setting tool.

Advantages at a glance

More power and more intelligence
An innovative product of the fischer DUO-Line with intelligent combinations for more power and more intelligence.
Easy and fast installation:
The self-drilling fischer DuoBlade allows easy and fast installation in gypsum plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard.
Simple and safe installation
The black metal tip guarantees simple and safe installation.
High torque when anchor is installed for the feelgood-factor and an optimum feeling when setting.
fischer DuoBlade
Self drilling plasterboard plug for easy and fast installation

Product highlights

  1. Centring tip for easy and precise setting of the plug.
  2. Additional expansion for higher load values. 
  3. PZ 2 drive - same drive for plug and screw.
  4. Self drilling tip with three sharp cutting blades for a fast installation.
  5. Anti rotation lock prevents from spinning in the drill hole.
  6. Sharp self cutting thread for optimum form lock.




Curtain rods



fischer DuoLine

DuoBlade is one of the five members of the innovative DuoLine product family. The self-drilling plasterboard fixing makes new functional principles and application options possible compared with conventional solutions. This function-oriented design makes the DuoLine members the most powerful products in their categories. You too can discover all the advantages of the DuoLine assortment.

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