Setting tools

Adapters for mechanical setting of threaded rods

The fischer setting tools mainly simplify the expert and approval-compliant series installation of the fischer threaded rods RG M, which do not have an outer hexagon. The use of resin capsules makes it necessary to apply the threaded rod in rotating and hitting motions. To do this, the setting tool is clamped in the drill machine.

Product Description

  • The adapters allow for mechanical setting of RG M anchor rods that do not dispose of an external hex-drive.

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Automatic setting of RG M threaded rods without outer hexagon
Building materials
  • Concrete, cracked and non-cracked
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • The setting tool is fixed to the drilling machine.
  • Note: A counter nut is required for setting.