For a fast calculation of your applications with fischer Power-Fast and Construction screws, such as securing rooftop insulation or joints in structural timber constructions.

The design principals follow European Technical Assessment [ETA] and DIN EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode 5) with related national application documents. A module is for the design of the fixing of rooftop insulations with fischer screws with different roof shapes, as well as during the usage of pressure-resistant insulation materials.

This software module will automatically determine the correct wind and snow load zones from a given post code. Alternatively, you can enter these values manually.

In other modules: main- and secondary girder connections, coating reinforcements; false edges/ girders reinforcement, shear protection, general connections (wood-wood / steel sheet-wood), notches, breakthrough, abutment restructuring, as well as shear connection, the design of the connection or rather the reinforcement can take place with the fischer Power-Full fully threaded screw.

With the newest module "general screw connections" general screw connections can be measured with fischer Power-Fast and fischer Power-Full screws.

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