The program takes users step by step through the design process. A status display continuously informs users about the static load utilisation of the selected fischer installation system.  Up to ten different standard solutions incl. consoles, frames and channels can be maintained in a quick selection tab. Alternatively, the design of more complex systems can be started by preselecting the desired installation system. The program allows the change of the size of the channels, as well as the numbers and  distance of the support points, for the best utilisation of the system.

In a next step, the type, diameter, insulation and number of pipes, which the installation system has to carry, can be defined.
The option to enter hollow or media-filled pipes in the graphically displayed support system automatically generates load models, thereby providing the required static proofs for the channel systems. Furthermore, it is possible to directly enter additional loads, e.g.  air ducts, cable trays, or just  freely definable point or linear loads. In addition to a verifiable printout, the program also generates a parts list of the components necessary for the selected system after completing the design, e.g. brackets, threaded rods, channels, pipe clamps and accessories.

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