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Application picture
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fischer Channel FLS 17/1.0 - 3 m

The mounting channel as a variable base element for lightweight installations

Art.-No. 538754

Product Description

The fischer channel FLS is a base element of the flexible channel system. The C-profile in three heights offers a secure hold for the construction elements of the FLS system with pronounced teeth and corner beading. For horizontal and vertical installations, this enables the fast and efficient fixing of pipelines and supporting structures. Alternating slots for optimum fixing and scaling on the channels to support cutting to size and the positioning of the connectors offer safety and simplify the installation process. The fire inspection report as per MLAR / EN1363-1 of the FLS 37 provides added safety.
  • The channel shape with edge seams gives a perfect fit for the connector elements  and leads to a  safe and easy installation.
  • The serration with stamped teeth in the mounting channel gives the sliding nuts a secure hold to bear high shear loads.
  • The scale on the channels simplifies the cutting of the channels and the positioning of the connector elements during installation.
  • The alternating long slots in the channel enable the optimised fixing to the substrate with the perfect fixtures.
  • Material: pre-galvanised steel S-250-GD+Z275 (material no.: 1.0242) acc. to DIN EN 10346

Application and Permission

  • The U-profile channels enable the creation of secure, horizontal and vertical installations.
  • The channel system is suitable for fast and efficient fixings of pipelines and supporting structures.
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Technical Data

Technical Data

Thickness 1.0 [mm]
Length 3000 [mm]
Weight 0.58 [kg/m]
Profile cross section 0.72 [cm²]
Moment of inertia 0.25 [cm4]
Moment of inertia 0.91 [cm4]
Section modulus 0.26 [cm³]
Section modulus 0.59 [cm³]
Max. recommended static load for 1m length 0.13 [kN]
Amount 8 Unit(s)
GTIN (EAN Code) 4048962265996